8 Solution To Fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet Error

By | January 1, 2019

Once we running a site and sudden appearing a error that sure irritating you. Friends DNS probe finished no internet windows 8.1, 8.1 windows 7, XP, 10, how to fix eeor of dns_probe_finished_no_internet chrome, Router, android, Mac, Virus with full detail dns_probe_finished_nxdomain you can get this post.

So recently you are getting this DNS Probe Finished No Internet error while browsing the internet which was very irritating. There was not much of help online but after trying some methods to fix the problem, and it was one type of DNS server error.

Even though you will face the same problem while using the DNS Probe Finished No Internet error in chrome, windows, macs, android, PC, etc. Here we are providing the solutions for DNS Probe Finished No Internet Errors.

How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error


Chrome user may get dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error. Most of the cases user faces the error in chrome only, while user may simply load any web page on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and other best web browsers.

This kind of issues appears when your DNS lookup the fails. This might be the problem for the error. It is also important to keep your Windows computer clean and optimized.

We are sharing few methods that can help you to get rid of this DNS Probe Finished Nxdomain Error code simple. Follow the below mentioned steps and you will be good open the error webpage.

How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

·As this occurs because of DNS, we will first try to solve the DNS.

·Steps to be follow

·Press windows key + R to open up the run box.


·Type in CMD and press enter to open Command prompt (You can also press windows key + X and click on command prompt admin)

· You can see command prompt is open, now just type the below command and press enter

“netsh winsock reset catalog”

reset catalog

· Once you enter above command is executed, now reboot your PC if you want or try to open the same web page which was showing error. There won’t be any issue now.

Solution Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error 

Here are many ways using that we can fix this error, Here we are sharing all method which working best for particular device or browser, You can any related for best and quick result.

Solution 1:Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error Changing DNS Settings

In this you will need to do some changes in DNS settings. This requires you to make some changes in your DNS but these changes looks to work and solve error code DNS Probe Finished Nxdomain.

Step 1 – Right Click on the Network icon in your Taskbar and then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

  Open Network and Sharing Center

Step 2 – A new tab will open, on the left Pane, click on change adapter settings.

change adapter settings

Step 3 – Now you can see all the Network Connection but you have to check which is active and connected the LAN or Wireless connection.

Step 4 – Right Click on the Active Connection and click on Properties.


Step 5 – Now other tap will Pop up there just click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click on Properties button.

Step 6 – Now you have to check use the following DNS server Addresses Option.

Step 7 – Click Ok and try to open the web page which was shown error.

These two methods can work to fix errors DNS Finished Nxdomain, but if still can’t get it then reinstall your chrome on your PC.

Solution 2: DNS Probe Finished No Internet Windows 8

Some of the users have got some problems regarding the DNS Probe Finished no Internet error in windows 8 operating system PC. Here we talk a bit about this error and the methods needed to resolve it.

The DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error generally appears when you try to access the internet through the Google Chrome browser even though the internet works well on other internet browsers such as Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.

This will restricts you from accessing any type of web pages until you solve it. So you will only need to follow the below steps for a fast solution on this error and prevent it from appearing again.

Step 1: Manually Assign DNS Server

This is the most effective fix. The DNS server of your PC repeatedly obtain may not respond at times which is why you require to alter the DNS server address to a more dependable one like Google or Open DNS. Begin by right clicking the network icon from the right corner of the task bar, click Open Network and Sharing Center. Then

  • Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80072ee2 and 0x80d02002

· Click on Local Area Connection then click on Properties from the bottom left.

· A new pop up will appear, select Internet Protocol Version 4 in there then click properties again.

· Select the radio button use the following DNS Server Addresses and then in the mentioned DNS Server box type in and type in in the Alternate DNS Server box.

· Select Validate Settings upon exit check box and then click OK and check on the web page that was showing the DNS error.

Step 2: Renewing Catalog and IP

In this method will use commands to reset catalog, IP and then renew it. Firstly, to open command prompt, type cmd in the search box. Then type below commands in the command prompt and press enter.

netsh in tip reset

netsh winsock reset catalog

Step 3: Disable Antivirus/ Firewall

Sometimes firewalls and antivirus will be cause connection problems. Disable the firewall or antivirus if you are using any of them and then try to browse the web page that was showing the DNS error. If the error is fixed then try reinstalling that firewall or antivirus. If it comes back the error again then you should probably use another firewall or antivirus program.

Step 4: Uninstall Web Site Filtering Software

If you are installed any website filtering software in your PC then it might be the reason for the web page error. Try disable or uninstall the filtering software and check you still get the error.

Step 5: Power Cycle Computer and Router

Put off the power source to your PC and leave for 5 minutes. Do the same to your router as well to confirm any residual charge is out and the memory cleared. Then plug them back and check the error web page.

You can also fix this by clearing browsing data, deleting cache, cookies in browsers.

Solution 3: DNS Probe Finished No Internet Chrome

DNS Probe Finished No Internet error Google Chrome is a very usual error. A lot of Google Chrome users have been facing this issue. If you are one of them, then this is for you. Today we will be giving the methods using which you can easily solve DNS Probe Finished No Internet error that comes up while using Chrome.

Firstly, check your internet connection, then check any cables and reboot any routers, modems and other network devices you may be using.

Allow Chrome to access the network in your antivirus or firewall settings. Already, if it is in program allowed accessing the network list, then removing it from the list and adding it again to the list.

This error usually occurs because a wrong internet connection or faulty Firewall setting. Fixing this error is not as tough as it looks. Here we will be providing you with the exact process so that you can fix the DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error simply.

Solution 4: DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error in Google Chrome 

First, you need to open an elevated Command Prompt i.e. Admin Command Prompt. Once you opened CMD, copy and paste the below commands in the same order.

  1. ipconfig /release
  2. ipconfig /all
  3. ipconfig /flushdns
  4. ipconfig /renew
  5. netsh int ip set dns
  6. netsh winsock reset

Now restart your computer, after the restart the DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error should be solved.

Solution 5: DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error Chrome 

If the solution does not fix your DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error, try other solution below. Follow the below steps to fix the DNS error.


  1. Open the run box by pressing Windows key + R and type devmgmt.msc and click ok.
  2. Now Device Manager will open.
  3. Now find and expand Network Adapters option.
  4. Device Manager
  5. Here select and right click on the Working Network Adapter mentioned there and click on the Update Driver Software.
  6. Then chose the browse my computer for driver software.
  7. Click on let me pick from device drivers on my computer option.
  8. Then choose the compatible network hardware and proceed by clicking on next.
  9. Now Windows will try to install driver software. If it installs successful, you will get to see a pop up of successful driver update.
  10. Now just reconnect your internet and your problem must be fixed.
  11. These two solutions for DNS Probe Finished No Internet dns probe finished no internet error work for many of the users.

Solution 6: DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error Mac

If your Mac book shows, DNS Probe Finished no Internet error when you are trying to open the web page in your browser. Then you should try below steps to fix the DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error Mac.

  1. Open the spotlight search and type system preferences on your MacBook.
  2. Then select Network.
  3. Select in there the Wi-Fi connection and advanced.
  4. Click the TCP/IP button and make sure that the drop down box is set to using DHCP.
  5. TCP IP
  6. Then go to the DNS tab and remove all entries in there.
  7. Now go back to the TCP/IP tab or disconnect from the network and connect it again.

Solution 7: DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error PC

Are you experiencing DNS problems while you are loading a web page with internet network? Domain Name Server is that transfer website’s addresses because of this system browser can load the web sites.

Rarely, you can lose internet connection to the DNS, throughout fraudulent settings or errors on server’s end. If you are experiencing problems connecting then follow below steps to learn how to resolve your problems.

A. Try to access a webpage from the test device.

If you are still having DNS problems, then the problem lies in your router or with you’re Internet Service Provider. If you can connect to the internet, then the problem is in your first computer.

B. Change the browser

Changing the browser is the fastest way to test the DNS connections. Use a free browser like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to connect to the internet. If the error exists, then the issue doesn’t lies in the browser but with some other setting on computer.

If the problems are resolved with the other server, then try to troubleshoot old browser. Oftentimes problem lies within the proxy settings. Follow this guide to admission the proxy settings for the browser you use, and set them back to Automatic.

C. Close all other connections.

Infrequently, your PC will get other connections which you won’t normally use. For better internet connectivity, you must enable the connections that you use daily and disable the connections which you don’t use. To open your internet connections window, open the start menu then search “ncpa.cpl”.

ncpa cpl

D. Try connecting in safe mode

Reboot PC into safe mode will load the important files for system, which will determine if any other service like your firewall or antivirus is causing the connection issues then you should un install the firewall or antivirus and install a new one. Reboot your PC, hold F8 key when it is loading. Then choose safe mode with networking.

E. Check the Internet Connection

You are not able to connect the internet service, then the problem lies with programs on your PC. Check the startup files and stop all programs until you find the issue.

Solution 8: DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error Router

Check the out solutions to get rid of DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error Router.

A. Connect your Modem direct to PC

Using a router as a home network, disconnect your system from it and put it an Ethernet cable directly to modems port. Then try to load a web page, if DNS errors still appear, then the issue with the internet service provider. Ask them about the issue with connecting to the DNS servers.

Still you are not able load the web page, then the issues is with router. Reconnect the router to your modem and connect the PC back with the internet to carry out the troubleshooting.

B. Enter alternative DNS

You can change your router’s setting which can manually connect to alternative DNS. This will give you if ISP’s DNS may be the problem.

Enter alternative DNS

C. Router resetting

The router settings may change and get interrupts, then reset the router settings to default, this is the best way. This setting will reset the Wi-Fi network settings and forwarding info.

Router resetting

You are a Chrome user then you may get DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN issues. In most cases users may face the DNS probe errors in chrome, while you can simply any web page on Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. This type of error appears due to DNS lookup fails when you try to load the web page.


Are you facing DNS Probe Finished no Internet errors when you try to open a web page with your network? The DNS is a server transfer site’s addresses to connect your browser to to the web pages.

Sometimes, you may lose the connection to the server, all through either corrupt settings or problems on the DNS Probe

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