11 Best Advertising Agencies in India 2019

By | December 26, 2018

An advertising agency is said to be a service-based agency that deals with advertising business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertisements and earn income out of it. The clients choose to advertise their products and services through advertising agencies which will help their products to reach the audience.

It is a chain that allows the audiences to be aware of the products and services. Other forms of promotions and marketing are also done through advertising agencies. These agencies focus on the ends of the audience and develop new ideas to make the right knack of reaching the audience.

Advertising agencies are mostly independent agencies that function under sole based types and provided the internal department and outside point of view to the selling of products and services to the clients. In short, it’s a platform where the client approaches these agencies to make the customers aware about their product and services in the easiest way.

Best Advertising Agencies 2017

Advertising agencies:

Advertising in today’s world is an aid to be very important means of conveying the message to the audience and make them aware of the product and the services. There are several ways of advertising that can be chosen by the client to spread awareness.

It terms of global advertising agencies, the process was started in 20th century time. The relationship between client and agency is also said to be very important.Both the parties are seen to have a great chemistry that leads to stronger collaboration. The agency understands the client’s perspective and tries to function accordingly.

Best Advertising Agencies in India 2017

Advertising agencies knack of advertising on social media platforms:

Advertising using the social media platforms has become very beneficial and common these days. Every individual is associated with the social networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and YouTube and lots more others were in their daily life they keep a regular visit to such platforms.

People all across the world use these social media sites as a key routine in their life these days and adverting on these sites can help to spread awareness about the product and services globally. The Indian advertising companies are coming up with new ideas and ways to reach the audience in the best possible way and attract their attention on the ads.

The marketers have realized the stream of social media to be the untapped potential in the upcoming times and focused on targeting such sites to advertise.

Advertising can be in various ways like digital, marketing’s, ads and lots more. People are earning good profits if they choose the right sport of advertising. Earlier, the advertising agencies used to focus on the media buying activates and releasing of ads but now, they are emerged to concentrate on the horizons of getting more involvement with the current needs of the audience and are getting creative with new and adverse ideas.

Talking about the completion part, there is a huge range of competition seen in the advertising agencies in India. These agencies leave no stones unturned to maintain their name, fame and reputation and give a strong competition to their fellow competitors. The Indian branch of international giants competes with the advertising agencies and gives strong competition.

11 Best Advertising agencies in India 2019

The competition is undoubtedly and in India which is a wide market for mobile phones, tablets and another sort of product and services, the clients choose to advertise in the stream in order to make the customers aware about their products and services so that the customers tend to buy them and the clients gets benefited through it.

The companies are coming out with new and creative ideas to sustain their fame and the audience these days believes in the latest technology used. It gets important to be wise enough to choose among the wide range of agencies in the market to advertise our product or service.

To reach on top is not a cup of tea as the competition is large in the Indian market. Putting in great efforts and smart action into implementation, there is list of top best advertising agencies Of India who managed to reach such great heights. Here I’m listing out few of them.

1. Ogilvy and Mather:

Ogilvy and Mathur is one of the top best advertising agency of India. The Company defines the brand of the profile of their company and makes sure to reach the audience. The agency is big enough to have huge employees working under it and the executive chairman in charge to run the agency is Piyush Pandey. SN Rane is the co-executive Chairman and COO of the agency that has the main base in India and South Asia.

Lots of new ideas implementing is the basic structure of the agency that has taken the agency on top. The main person who takes acre of the country head is Madhukar Sabnavi who looks into the discovery and planning, regional directorship, thought leadership and more.

The advertising company is a subsidiary of WPP group that has major offices functioning from

  1. Mumbai,
  2. Kolkata,
  3. Chennai,
  4. New Delhi
  5. Bangalore.

The main clients of this firm are Adidas, Mc Donald’s, Amway, Coco-cola, and Tata Steel.

Ogilvy and Mather

2. J Walter Thompson India:

J Walter Thompson India advertising agency also falls in the list of best ad agencies in India. The main objective of this firm is to make advertising part and parcel of the life of the consumers. There are about more than 200 offices in about 90 countries of the firm that are running successfully all across.

JWT is said to be the first ever company that has introduced the pioneer careers in an ad for women, sex-appeal ads and also the first to produce the sponsored TV programs. The trendsetter can say in short. The CEO Head officer is Colvyn Harris and the managing partner is Rohit Ohri, SVP and JWT Delhi.

Adrian Miller is the chief creative officer that looks the Delhi Department and Atika Malik is the executive planning director of the firm- Delhi whereas Tarun Chauhan is the managing partner, JWT Mumbai and Tista Sen, SVP and ECD are the creative heads of Mumbai branch.

  • The clients of this firm are Ford,
  • Vodafone,
  • Nestle,
  • Microsoft,
  • Johnson.
  • Johnson’s.

j walter thompson india

3. Mudra Communications Private Limited:

To view the list of the top best advertising agencies in India, this firm is also list to one of the best ad agencies that have started the operations in the year 1980 with its base in Mumbai. This agency can be said to be the major player regarding other advertising agencies of India and have come with the declaration of the addition of public relations, rural marketing, and event management.

The CEO and MD of the firm are Madhukar kamath and Pratap Bose is the COO. Mudra Max and Ignite Mudra is the CEO of the agency. The executive director is Jude Fernandez and Mudra Group is the CEO of the Mudra India. Sandeep Vij is the executive director and chief knowledge officer of the firm.

  • The main clients of this firm are Dabur;
  • diet Pepsi,
  • Electrolux,
  • Godrej.

Mudra Communications Private Limited

4. FCB- Ulka Advertising Limited:

Site – http://www.fcbulka.com/

Withholding the position to rank 10th in the list of world’s ad agencies, FCB Ulka Adverting Limited agency is also one of the best top advertising agencies of India that has about 188 offices in around 102 countries. The main objective of this firm is to reflect the need for the brand and not the personality of the brand.

The company is huge enough and has more than 500 employees working for the firm. Anil Kapoor is the main Chairman Emeritus and Arvind Wable is the CEO and executive director- for Delhi department whereas MG Parameswaran is the CEO and executive director for the firm in Mumbai. Nagesh Alai is the executive director and CFO of eth firm.

  • The major clients of the firm are Tata Motors,
  • Whirlpool,
  • Amul,
  • Zee Network.
  • Hero Honda.

FCB- Ulka Advertising Limited

5. Rediffusion- Dy&R:

Site: http://www.rediffusionyr.com/

Falling under the list of top best advertising agencies of India, this firm has made a sustainable growth throughout and stands 5th in a row to be the largest adverting company in India. The main objective of this firm is to bring in creativity and new ideas to the audience and offers a wide range of integrated per services for both external as well as internal communications.

The major factor of the firm is that the primary strength of this agency is totally based on the media relations. Diwan Arun Nanda is the MD and Chairman of the firm whereas D Rajappa is the president. The CSO is Arvind Mohan and CCO is Meenakshi Achan.

  • The NCD of the firm is managed by N Padma Kumar.
  • The major clients of the agency are MTS,
  • Pepsi Co,
  • Bombay Realty,
  • ITC,
  • Kingfisher Airlines.

Rediffusion- Dy&R

6. McCann- Erickson India Limited:

Site : https://www.mccann.com/

T to give strong competition to other advertising companies, this firm falls in the list best ones regarding advertising. The company defines work as a relation to the impact of the advertising that has lives of masses in huge number. Prasoon Joshi is the Executive Chairman of the agency.

The president of the firm is Sanjay Nayak and CFO is Manoj Singh. This company strongly believes in the testimony of the campaign and

  • The major clients of the firm are Coco-Cola,
  • Master card,
  • Intel,
  • Nestle,
  • General Motors.

McCann Erickson India Limited

7. RK Swamy /BBDO Advertising Limited:

Site : https://www.rkswamybbdo.com/

This firm is also said to be the best advertising agency of India that maintains records of the remaining. The firm comes under the top 10 list of advertising agencies in India. Great hard work and struggle have been shredded by the company to reach to these heights regarding advertising.

The firm was established in the year 1973 and is also popular as India’s No 1 Research company regarding the market sector. The main objective of the firm is to emphasize on the brand equity of the product or service.

The chairman of the firm is Srinivasan K Swamy and Group CEO is Shekar Swamy. The director of the firm is VS Chakrapani and the CFO is K Venkata Subramanian.

  • The major clients of this firm are Air India,
  • Mercedes India Ltd, Suzuki,
  • Futura Cookers,
  • Orient fans, Rasna,
  • Wipro Shikakai soap,
  • RBI, SBI,
  • NABARD, etc.

RK Swamy BBDO Advertising Limited

8. Grey Worldwide India Private Limited:

Site: http://grey.com/india

This firm is one of the major significant contributors in India’s growth regarding advertising. The firm has sustained to reach such heights and has the main base in Mumbai and other offices in different parts of the country like Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and New Delhi.

The main objective of the firm is to specialize the company regarding advertising and marketing services. The chairman of the firm is Nirvik Singh, COO is Jishu Sen, CSO is Bindu Sethi, NCD’s of the firm are Malvika Mehra and Amit Alkali, VP and head are Sudheer Nair regarding digital and terms of Public Relations, is Tara Kapoor.

  • The major clients of the advertising agency are GSK,
  • Kraft, Proctor and Gamble,
  • Coco-cola and Cannon.

Grey Worldwide India Private Limited

9. Contract Advertising Private Limited:

Site : http://www.contractindia.co.in/

This advertising firm is one of the top most leading advertising agencies of India that believes in rendering customer lifecycle management to the customers. Great efforts were shed by the team to reach such heights.

The agency was formed in the year 1992 with its base in Mumbai, and the main objective is to render various services like online marketing and strategy to its clients. Being rated to be on the top listed position, the company functions from India and has many professional employees taking care extending full support to reach the heights.

The major clients of the firm are Pepsi, Volkswagen, Fiat, Master Fonds and ten sports. The chairman and chief director of the firm are Ravi Deshpande Chief executive officer is Umesh Shrikhandey,
Executive VP regarding planning is Rohit Srivastava, regarding finance, is Vivek Kamath, executive VP Bangalore and Chennai-based is MS Balaji, Mumbai-based executive VP is Kumar Subramanian. The new campaign of spice jet is the latest ad advertisement of the firm.
Contract Advertising Private Limited

10. Leo Burnett India Private Limited:

Site: http://leoburnett.co.in/

This firm is again in the top listed category of best advertising agencies of India. The agency has 96 offices in 10 countries and is looking measures to expand its business wider. The main achievement of this firm is that the company was awarded as the Worldwide Agency of the year in the year 2004.

There is a large number of professional employees working for the firm that manages to get latest ideas and manage the single image of the firm. The main aim of the firm is to put emotional power in their ads.

The chairman of the firm regarding Indian sub-continent is ArvindSharma.

MD of the firm is Nitish Mukherjee whereas the national creative director is K V Sridhar. Rajeev Sharma is the national planning director, and Samir is the executive director- Delhi.

  • The main clients of the advertising agency are Samsung,
  • Mc Donald’s, orange,
  • Fiat and China Telecom.
  • The company has recently created a campaign for the KBC season 4 and Maaza Milky delight.

Leo Burnett India Private

11. Euro RSCG Advertising Private Limited:

Site: http://www.in.havas.com/

The team of the firm always believes in reaching the global level and has started the firm with the motive. The agency was formed on the Unilever digital roster. Great efforts, new ideas, professional employees, creative ideas and another put together brings the firm in the top best advertising agencies of India’s list.

The company got its name from the HDFC Banks ad campaign and later on went to reach huge success after it. The main CEO of the firm is Suman Srivastava. The CCO of the agency is Satbir Singh whereas the CFO of the firm is Sandeep Gupta.

The director of the company is Sanjay Gupta and the skilled leader is Narayan Devanathan.

  • The major clients of the advertising agency are Reckitt,
  • IBM,
  • Unilever, HSBC,
  • Airtel.

The efficiency of the company is clearly seen and almost everyone is aware of the company when it comes to top listed category.

Euro RSCG Advertising


Thus, we come to the end of the article. The list has more ad companies to be mentioned but the above mentioned are the best of all. Undoubtedly, this article proves that advertising has become a major platform regarding India digital market and is growing more and more advance with the changing times.

Having said so, the competition is also huge, and sustain is a great task. The top listed advertising companies’ have major clients of each firm which makes the firm popular with the clients and these firms understand the need of the client. Hence, advertising is a service agency to reach the customers about the product and services in a unique way.

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